About myself

About me:
I am a simple guy with introvert and classy nature. I like to talk less but listen more. I am made of a very rare combination of sweetness and bitterness, calmness and starkness, mature adviser and childish, practical and dreamy, friendly and reserved, understanding and grudger, fire and ice! My opinions are very hard to change. I suppose you might count me as an arrogant guy, But I am not.

I am a quick learner and I believe that everything around me is designed to teach me something good. I am a pure techno savvy and always excited to be updated with technology.

I have my own rules; I am being driven by my own rules.
> Those who don’t take me seriously, I also don’t take them seriously.
> I don’t show interest unless I am really interested.

> I warn you that I am a dark sided mysterious guy, so enter into my world at your own risk. Because once you know the inner me, you can’t stop yourself to be addicted to me!


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